metropolis kite
Designing kites creates the challenge of combining shape, colour and balance with aerodynamics. There is great satisfaction to be gained from seeing the product of months of designing and constructing, floating in a gentle breeze on a backdrop of an endless blue sky.

I have been exploring the remarkable world of kites for over 35 years. This passion has enabled me to travel across the world, flying kites, presenting lectures and meeting some very hospitable people with whom I have been able to share their traditions, culture and their kite flying stories.

Our travelling with kites during the last few years has included USA, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Borneo, Canada, Norway, Kazakhstan, France, Germany and Italy.

I was the guest kite artist at the Maryland Kite Society Winter Kitemaking Retreat, DC, 2017 and also the invited international flier at the Washington State International Kite Festival, Long Beach, 2017.

kites - top down:
Metropolis Genki
Dye sub printed bright lights kites
Urban Jungle
Spirit of the Wind
Urban jungle 2 & Celtic Spirit
Dye sub printed bright lights kites
Vertigo delta kites

Urban jungle 2
Spirit of the wind
celtic spirit
Urban jungle
Bright lights
city:light traces kite
Delta kites